Hi, my name is Marie Lagarde, a freelance English to French translator and founder of Lagarde Languages.

I developed my passion for languages during primary school, after having been taught English by one of the most inspirational and enthusiastic teacher you could have ever met. This is when I knew that I too wanted to inspire and enthuse other people by sharing my passion for languages.

After having worked as a Foreign Language Assistant at a secondary school in the beautiful area of Northumberland, I was seduced by English schools which offered a completely different learning environment to the one I was familiar with in France. I fell in love with the North East of England, which allowed me to take my language skills further by learning to understand Geordie!

This is how, after my Degree in English at the university of Paris III La Sorbonne Nouvelle, I completed a Secondary PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at the university of Newcastle.

I have spent three exciting and rewarding years teaching French and Spanish to secondary school students in the Northumberland and Teesside areas. I have also worked as the Head of the Languages Department at another secondary school based in the North East of England.

During this time, I was also working with a North East based translation company on a freelance basis in my free time. I realised that I really enjoyed the management aspects of being a Head of Department, however I also became more and more fascinated by my work as a translator. This is why I decided to put these skills to use by founding my own translation company.

I have a real passion for words, languages and foreign cultures. My goal is to share this passion with you by offering you quality, dedication and attention to detail within my work.