Whether you feel like the time has come for you to learn a foreign language or if you would simply like to brush up on what you already know, I can offer you both French and Spanish tuition, at a variety of levels and for a variety of purposes. I will help you work on your language skills in a friendly, informal environment and together we can design the right course for you, depending on your needs and requirements. I have over 4 years experience of both school based and private tutoring and have no difficulty adapting my teaching to different learning styles.

Your lesson will last between 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on your preference.

French Tuition
You can choose from a casual conversation course, an academic course (GCSE, A level and beyond) or even a corporate course. My French tuition service is available online or in person, if you are lucky enough to live in the French Basque Country area! Beginners, intermediate or advanced learners, all welcome!

Spanish Tuition
My Spanish tuition is for you if you are planning your holidays abroad and would like to impress the locals with your knowledge of the Spanish language. I have 3 years experience of teaching Spanish to nursery and primary school students. You can choose from a casual conversation course or an academic course up to GCSE level.

Contact me now for a friendly chat about your needs!